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CAMWorks Solids 2013 SP2.0.1 is available for download

Posted on: 4/5/2013

CAMWorks Solids is a CAD/Solid Modeler designed to work with CAMWorks. This combination allows CAMWorks to function as a stand-alone product. If you are already running SolidWorks then you may not need CAMWorksSolids. Before you download please make sure that you have purchased a license to run CAMWorksSolids and your USP date is Feb 1, 2013 or later.

The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of CAMWorks Solids 2013 SP2.0.1 can be downloaded by clicking here (login required):


  • In order to run CAMWorks Solids 2013 SP2.0.1, the USP date (Updates/Support Plan) for your CAMWorks license must be Feb 1, 2013 or later. If you need to update your license, please contact your reseller before installing.
  • CAMWorks Solids 2013 can run CAMWorks 2013 and CAMWorks 2012 SP 3.0 onwards.
  • CAMWorks Solids SP2.0.1 supports 64 bit version of Windows 8, 7, Vista and 32 bit version of Windows 7, Vista. Home editions are not supported.

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